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Getting to know you and your business isn’t just a tag line for me, it’s the basis of my strategy.

I know the importance of getting to know not only your business, but you as the  owner, which is why I tailor every aspect of my approach to ensure it fulfils the needs you and your business have.

Understanding your culture and values, as well as the details of the role, allows me to match the most suitable of your business allows me to match the most suitable person with your opportunity; giving you time to focus on business, whilst I ensure you get the best talent, leading to increase productivity and efficiency in your team.

1-1 Recruitment Support

When you’re super clear on your hiring strategy, you’ll find the creme of the crop candidates with the right attitude and skillset, and who actually align with your culture and values. 

This means you can continue to stay in your zone of genius and run the business whilst it continues to grow around you with the right team members in place.

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Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Finding the right person for the right role and having a good client/candidate fit is very important to me. I know how crucial these aspects of recruitment are and how badly it can turn out if not done properly. Because of this, I work on only a handful of opportunities at any one time enabling me to dedicate more time and attention to your specific position.

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Image of Laura Pickup, Recruitment Director at Elevate One Group

Ready to take ‘hire the right person’ off your to-do list?

What Clients Say 

“Laura was a huge help to me in making my company's first hire. She not only helped me get clear on exactly what I needed in a candidate, she gave me practical templates and tools to help me structure the perfect job spec and guided me through the interview and shortlisting process. If you're a small business looking for some hiring support, look no further than ElevateOne!”

Kiera | Business Owner

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with ElevateOne. They really care about their clients and candidates and it’s evident in their outstanding communication, professionalism and support that I was given during the recruitment process. Thanks to Laura I’m in a job I really enjoy. I couldn’t recommend them enough."


"There were so many lessons learnt from my past with team members that I really wanted to prepare for hiring a new staff member in the correct way. Her wisdom, her knowledge, her support, her kindness, her f*ckin vibe was a game changer and I'm so grateful. I highly recommend working with Laura to help you hire your next team member. It was an absolute game changer for me & my business, and I couldn't have hired my latest team member without her."

Heidi | Business Owner

“I’ve adored having Laura help me along the way to find my dream job and I greatly appreciate everything she has done to help me reach the goal I wanted to achieve. It’s clear to me that I chose the right recruiting team! I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family in need”

Tara | Receptionist

"We have been working with Laura for a while now. She is quick to respond to new recruitment requirements and always puts forward great people. Laura has been honest about what she specialises in and even referred us on to another great business for roles that are outside of her remit"

James | Hiring Manager

"Laura shows genuine interest and is really friendly and I felt at ease with her immediately. In my personal circumstance, Laura was very patient and understanding and we had many texts and phone conversations. In the months since accepting the job offer, Laura has been in contact and checked in seeing how I’m going.”

Karen | Office Manager

"Working with Laura has been an extreme pleasure, she was kind, patient, and very helpful. Available at all times for any questions I may have had and took the time out of her day to follow up and check in with how I'm going with my new employment. She went above and beyond all expectations. Thank you very much for all your help."

Zach | Product Consultant

"Laura was a great help, not only in ensuring I was a right fit for the role, but ensuring that I had all the information I needed before meeting with my new employer. Laura’s intuition and insight made the process simple and successful."

Greg | Product Consultant

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