I didn’t want to be a recruiter

I never planned on getting into recruitment. True story! To be honest, I only know 1 person who ‘wanted to be a recruiter when they grew up’. 

I worked in a bank during the GFC (Global Financial Crisis), my mental health took a hit and after a short break I was desperate for a change. A recruiter had reached out to me re some call centre jobs, low pay, lots of hours and weekends…there wasn’t much appealing about any of them tbh.

When I met with the administrator at the recruitment consultancy, she said my cv was identical to hers before she started as a recruitment administrator, they had an opening and not long after I started with them. This administrator was an epic mentor, taught me a lot (not just about administration) and to this day, is a good friend.

Safe to say it was an absolute whirlwind of a job! I was the youngest at 19, I made lots of cups of tea (there were many ‘jokes’ made about how this was part of my job), it was very male dominant…clearly, never a dull moment and more after work drinks then my liver wants to remember! Pretty standard for recruitment especially in Manchester where I was at the time.

This job made me realise that I had a work ethic that had no boundaries. 

Little did I know it would take me another 10 years and starting my business to figure out how game-changing having boundaries is.

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